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Red Design Housing
20 foot jumper lead
Continuity tester

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Power Supply to Activate Electronic Components, Power and Ground Feed, High Impedance Circuit Tester, Digital Volt Meter and Diagnostic Tester Modes, Case and Accessories.

The third release in the Power Probe line of diagnostic tools for auto electrical systems, the Power Probe III is the most revolutionary automotive circuit tester to date*. Packed with quick diagnostic power and multiple capabilities, this small, but powerful tool allows automotive technicians to literally speed through regularly scheduled maintenance and the troubleshooting of problems on automotive electrical systems, saving time and money.

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How Does it Work?
After connecting the Power Probe III’s clips to the vehicle’s battery, the automotive technician can determine at a glance, the voltage level and the polarity of a circuit without running for a volt meter or reconnecting hookup clips from one battery pole to the other. The power switch allows you to conduct a positive or negative battery current to the tip for activating and testing the function of electrical components without wasting time with jumper leads. And yes, the Power Probe III is short circuit protected. It tests for bad ground contacts instantly without performing voltage drop tests and locates short circuits without wasting precious fuses. It tests for continuity with the assistance of its auxiliary ground lead. Also, with a flip of the power switch, you will know instantly that your Power Probe III is functioning without running to the battery as you would otherwise have to do with simple test lights. Finally, the unit’s 20-foot cable (extendable 40-feet) allows you to test along the entire length of the vehicle without constantly searching for ground hookups. Together, these features make the Power Probe III an absolute must for automotive technicians at all levels who are looking for a fast and accurate solution to electrical systems diagnostics.

Power Probe III tool handset features
5 powerful electrical auto diagnostic modes in 1 tool
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Power Probe III box contents
Powered by your car battery and including all the cable you’ll need
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Five Modes in One Tool
True to its design to provide auto technicians with a single tool for all their electrical systems diagnostic needs, the Power Probe III is packed with five powerful diagnostic modes. These include: Power Probe Mode, which indicates the average voltage level of the circuit; Negative Peak Mode, which monitors a positive circuit and captures the lowest voltage that it has dropped to; Positive Peak Mode, which monitors the probed circuit and captures the highest detected voltage; Peak to Peak Mode, which measures the difference between the positive and negative peak voltage levels over a 1 second period; and Threshold Level Setting Mode, used to adjust the threshold voltage in Power Probe Mode for peak to peak detection and signal monitoring.

Standard Features:

  • Built-in Flashlight.
  • Audio tone test indicator.
  • Volt meter and short circuit indicator.
  • Relay and component tester and continuity tester.
  • Bad ground indicator.
  • Circuit breaker protected.
  • Cable, with extension allowing for 40-feet of coverage
  • Blow molded hard case for protection.

What’s in the Box
Power Probe III handheld tool (with 20′ cord), cigarette lighter adapter, 3″ extension probe, battery hookup clips, 20 ft extension lead, instructional manual, blow molded case.

Power Probe III Electrical Specifications:

Minimum Voltage on Probe Tip: ± 200 volts relative to the negative battery clip
Probe Tip Resistance to Ground: 130KΩ
Power Probe Mode (Mode 1)
         DC voltage measurement: 0-70 volts
         AC voltage measurement: 0-70 volts
         Square wave input response: 15 Hz to over 500KHz
         Sine wave input response: 35 Hz to over 250KHz
         Continuity to ground: Greater than 20K Ohms – display is blank
         Less than 20K Ohms: Display reads 0.0
         Less than 2K Ohms: Display reads 0.0 and green LED is on
Min (Mode 2) & Max (Mode 3)
         Voltage measurement: 0-70 volts
         Single event capture: Less than 200 micro second pulse width
         Repetitive events: Less than 1 micro second pulse width
Peak to Peak Mode (Mode 4)
         Voltage measurement: 0-70 volts
         Square wave input response: 4 Hz to over 500KHz
         Sine wave input response: 4 Hz to over 250KHz
Peak to Peak Mode Threshold Setting (Mode 5)
         .2, .5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 50: When the Peak to Peak voltage exceeds this threshold then the display is Peak to Peak AC rather than DC
         Operating temperature: -20C to 55C
         Storage temperature: -40 C to 60C
Circuit Breaker 8 amp thermal response – manual reset (8 amp=no trip, 10 amps=20 min., 15 amps=15 seconds, 25 amps=2 seconds, short circuit= 0.3 seconds

*The Power Probe III is NOT to be used with 110/220-volt home electrical. It is only designed for use with 12-24 volt systems.

About Power Probe, Inc.
Headquartered in Brea, CA, Power Probe, Inc. has been a trusted manufacturer of motor vehicle supplies and tools for automotive technicians since 1994.

Power Probe products undergo a strict quality control inspection for workmanship, function, and safety before leaving the factory. All Power Probe products carry a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase, applicable to the original owner, to be free of defects in parts and workmanship.

Red Design Housing
20 foot jumper lead
Continuity tester
Relay and component tester
Works on 12-24v Sources
20 feet jumper lead set
Bad ground indicator and short circuit indicator

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