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Century 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer – Dual Outlet

$18.99 $12.99

Century Mini Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer, 2 Prong, 2-Pack


Coleman Cable 50008 7-Day Indoor Digital Timer 2 Conductor, White


Coleman Cable 59773 Wireless Wall Switch Remote For Indoor Light Control, White


Dim It Light Dimming Sheets


Honeywell 7-Day Programmable Timer for Lights & Motors


Leviton Vizia 24-Hour Programmable Indoor Timer with Astronomical Clock


Lutron Credenza Dimmable CFL/LED Dimmer


Lutron Maestro Motion Sensor switch


Philips Hue Motion Sensor


TGS Gems Himalayan Salt Lamp Cord Original Replacement Cord with Dimmer Switch With One 25w Bulbs

$10.99 $9.99

Westek RFK100LC/RFK101LC Wall Mounted Switch and Plug-in Receiver