Popular plants and flowers

What are the most popular plants and flowers? With more than one billion dollars worth of gardening spent each year, you can be sure that a vast array of plants and flowers exist in our world. The question is, what are your favorites? The following list might help inspire your gardening skills and perhaps even introduce you to some of your favorite vegetables or flowers.

Cactus: This is a pretty popular choice among gardeners. Originating from the Sonoran Desert in the United States, cactus is popular not only for their colorful flowers but for the unusual aesthetic appeal they have when planted. There are hundreds of subspecies of this desert plant, and hundreds of varieties that range in height from a few feet tall to four feet. They grow easily in areas with well-drained soil, as long as they are given the proper amounts of water – this means they will not grow wild. If you do not have a large area to cover, tarpaulin is a good choice because it can provide a home for the cactus as well.

Gardenia: Also from the Sonoran Desert, gardenia is a tropical plant that is closely related to the ficus. It is a perennial, which means it will live for one to two years. The purple flowers are very pretty, and gardenia blooms for a lengthy time – sometimes up to four weeks during the summer. Because it requires very little maintenance, it is quite popular for use in the home garden. The leaves on this plant are alternate, pointing down.

Iris: The iris is another common name for the butterfly bush. The flower itself comes in a variety of colors: white, lavender, pink, yellow, and even mixed colors. Irises do well in most areas, and they have few problems growing in clay soil. The flowers are trumpet shaped. They are quite popular in floral arrangements.

Blue Rose: This rose comes from the same place as the iris. However, it is a bit different: the flowers are actually blue, rather than white. This is a wonderful choice for an indoor garden. It is very easy to grow, and very popular with the ladies.

Carnations: These are pretty flowers that come in a variety of shades of blue. They look very sophisticated when arranged in a vase. Carnations are available in a wide variety of colors: burgundy, deep purple, blue, and even pink. The petals can be dropped at any time. The blooms open to reveal a trumpet-like flower.

Chrysanthemum: These are beautiful flowers. However, you should know that there are different types. The Chrysanthemums that are most popular are the Day Lilies and the Orchids. Day Lilies are in the pinkish variety, while the Orchids are in the different shades of blue. These have been in existence since ancient times. They remain popular today.

Gardenias: These are the most popular flowering bushes. They are easy to grow, and they are easy to maintain. Their flowers open up to show off a multitude of colors. They are in every color of the rainbow, and they come in many different shapes. They are very easy to grow and maintain and make beautiful additions to a home garden or backyard landscape.

Lobelia: This is a flowering plant that are easy to keep, grows quickly, and has many different uses. It is easy to prune. It is very popular for decorating fences and for cutting foliage from the stem. The leaves of the Lobelia shoot out in a bunch. The flowers are in a variety of colors.

Roses: Roses are popular for their beauty. Many people prefer them for their gardens. They are also very common in bridal bouquets. They have different colors, and they vary in size. You can have roses in every color of the rainbow.

To answer the question: Which are the most popular plants and flowers? The answer is definitely: the Orchids. They are easy to care for, and they are beautiful. They can be placed in almost any location. Because of their pretty blooms, they make a great choice for brides and grooms, but they are even appropriate for almost anyone, really.

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